Find all updates regarding the NSK Ekiden 2024 here!

  • Dinner, sleeping and partying

    The registrations for food sleeping and partying have been open for a while, so register soon! Registration is still open until March 15! The theme for the party is “Pajamas on, embarrassment off!”. Spend the night in Radix’s scout building, nice and warm and not in tents! Subscription link

  • The subscriptions have opened!

    Yes you read correctly, registrations are actually open. You can register via Make sure that there is one team leader who registers the whole team. The cost for a student team will be 18 euros, the price for an “out of competition” team is 27 euros. This is in line with the guidelines of…

  • The course is official!

    After measuring, tuning and measuring again, we’re out! The course is finished and we hereby share it with you! The course can be found on the website under about the competition –> course!

  • The story of our first sponsor: Appeltje!

    Healthy eating and an active lifestyle are crucial, especially for students who (still) often opt for cheap and unhealthy food. However, in the shadow of the University of Twente (UT), a collaboration is blossoming that not only joins forces of local parties, but also emphasises the importance of healthy eating and exercise. This collaboration, formed…

  • Date for the 2024 NSK Ekiden is known!

    Saturday 23 March 2024, write it all down in the diary. That’s when the campus of the University of Twente will be the battleground for the annual Dutch Student Ekiden Championships. After successful previous editions in Utrecht and Delft, this year the NSK Ekiden committee of D.A.V. Kronos will pull out all the stops to…